wolfSSL Embedded SSL on ColdFire 547X/548X with Hardware Encryption Acceleration

Hi!  The CyaSSL Embedded SSL engine, wolfCrypt cryptography library, and the wolfSSL Embedded Web Server now support Freescale's ColdFire hardware encryption.  Our initial benchmarks show that AES and 3DES cryptography operations are up to 10 times faster when done with ColdFire's hardware acceleration.  If you would like to use one of our products with ColdFire, and leverage ColdFire's hardware cryptography, then contact us at info@wolfssl.com.

Originally posted at: http://www.wolfssl.com/wolfSSL/Blog/Entries/2013/10/17_CyaSSL_Embedded_SSL_on_ColdFire_547X_548X_with_Hardware_Encryption_Acceleration.html
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