Tax Day Release of wolfSSL 2.6.0

Sick of all the tax day giveaways that you don't really need, or worse, have to wait in line for?  How about a no wait release of CyaSSL 2.6.0 instead?  New features include:

- DTLS 1.2 featuring AEAD ciphers.  We're excited about this feature and welcome any feedback.

-SHA-3 finalist Blake is now supported.  Blake2b is extremely fast and uses very little resources, so we like it a lot.

- Support for SHA-384 cipher suites including ECC ones is included as well.  And if you ever need to do HMAC with SHA-512 that's now supported as well.

- The example client/server can now track memory and stack use with -t and --enable-stacksize respectively.

- IPv6 examples/tests now allow link-local with scopeid resolution and full ipv6 addresses instead of defaulting to localhost.  As before, use --enable-ipv6 to turn on IPv6 in the examples and don't forget -b on the server to bind to any interface.

- CYASSL_GENERAL_ALIGNMENT manipulates the SSL input/output buffers to align crypto access for easier integration with hardware support.  SSL itself isn't very friendly to alignment with 5 byte TLS headers and 13 byte DTLS buffers, but we think we have a good solution for this.

- Many new ./configure options including disable/enable for rsa, dh, dsa, md5, sha, arc4, null (ciphers), oldtls, and asn (no certs or public keys allowed).  ./configure options are all lowercase now for better consistency.  A cyassl/options.h header is also now generated during the ./configure process that allows a user to easily use the same settings/flags that cyassl itself was built with.

Please see the README and our on-line documentation for more information or feel free to contact us.

Happy Tax Day,
Team wolfSSL

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