Seattle MySQL Meetup Group Monthly Meeting: Securing MySQL

The Seattle MySQL Meetup group holds a meeting each month to discuss items relevant to MySQL and open source projects in general. yaSSL will be giving a presentation on MySQL security at the June meetup, being held on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 7:00pm. To learn more about the meetup and RSVP, please visit the meetup page:

Presentation Description:

Because of the potential effects of either data loss or exposure, database security and administration is a necessity in today’s world. As a world leader in database solutions, MySQL has gained a large user base. These users are of varying skill level, some of which have focused heavily on database security and some who have never given it a second thought. This presentation will give users an overview of MySQL security practices with a main focus on configuring and building MySQL with SSL. It will provide an introductory walkthrough in MySQL security for the new MySQL admin and offer a refreshing review for the seasoned MySQL expert.

This presentation will touch on several aspects of MySQL database security, including:

- Good Security Practices for MySQL
+ Setting Appropriate Passwords
+ Securing Test Databases, mysqld
+ mysql_secure_installation script
+ Privileges

+ An Overview of SSL, x509
+ Configuring and Building MySQL with SSL
+ MySQL SSL Command Options
+ SSL Certificate Creation
+ Performance Comparison

If you have questions about yaSSL’s upcoming presentation, please let us know at

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